We have got all sorts here. We have got people who paint, people who write, people who do mimicry and even some adventurous souls who go on waterfall rappelling. The only common factor is our love for what we do and passion to keep doing it better.

That’s why, in our team, you will also find people who are highly certified in their respective fields; may it be lighting & texturing, modelling, photoshop finishing, animation, designing or even compositing. The point here is, these guys and girls know what they are doing and they do it better than the most.

Having passed out in 2001 as architects, Nishant Mehta, Vikas Poddar and Sayantan Gupta, decided to tread their own paths, script their own story, together through Square One. It was a culmination of 3 distinctly different identities and personalities. While such diversities can be a bane in most situations, in case of Square One, it turned out to be the single most important factor for success

Bringing their cumulative knowledge of architecture, Square One started as a 3D visualisation company and in a short period of time the company made huge inroads across the Indian market.