The most relevant question faced by today’s businesses is “Our sales targets are met in good times, but how do we build a brand that lasts (sells) forever?” This is where Square One excels.

We help create brands that are remembered.

Unlike most agencies who formulate ways and strategies to “advertise” your products or services to drive sales, we yearn to do something much deeper. For us, building your BRAND STORY is as important as devising strategies to sell. We look at your long-term goals, without compromising on short term sales targets.

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It’s never about selling the dreams blindly. For every business, we dive deep into the market dynamics, consumer demands and psych of the audience. Our team is hell-bent on finding all the facts with a thorough, hands-on research. Armed with the specifics, we plan the roadmap and find the ideal narrative your venture needs. To us, the right idea is more important than a bright idea.

In every sector, the lines between the brand of the business and the products/services are often blurred; not for us. We understand that branding is a continuous process. It is not just the company or a name and logo. Your products and services along with everything your organisation does is an extension of your organisation’s brand and it must reflect the brand values. The stories we tell build the narrative of your company’s brand. They shape the perceptions of those connected with the organisation, from within and from outside.

Advertising is kind of a home ground for us. Being an organisation that offers every element communication, we are able to understand every nitty-gritty of the field. We know our strengths and we make them work for you. We believe in standing out for the right reasons and in front of the right crowd. All our ideas, stories and design are focused on this exact goal.

We laugh at those who say digital marketing is only for certain types businesses. We cherish the challenges and thrive on bringing irrefutable results for our clients. Our expertise extends far beyond mere social media and Google ads. We have developed our own Lead Management System (LMS) that can be customised to your specific needs and is plugged directly into our digital campaigns.