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The Background

Operating within the realty market for over 31 years, Excellaa - previously known as the Kalyanee Fortune Group, has delivered more than 2.6 million square feet of real estate developments across Pune, Mumbai, and Gujarat.

They approached us prior to their next big endeavour, namely, setting foot in the premium residential sector.

No other agency including international ones could crack their brief regarding their forethought for their latest premium residential venture.





Our primary challenge here was to shift perceptions regarding Excellaa within the real estate landscape. Having been known for building affordable homes. Excellaa was looking to make a seamless transition into the luxury market.

The second challenge that arose was debuting their sub-brand, "The Autograph Collection," through its product, Primarc. The Autograph Collection brought with it an assurance-a promise of bespoke offerings conveying the standards for which the brand truly stood.

The developer did a thorough study of the target audience and designed a product based in a deeper understanding of luxury that redefined premium living. This had to be communicated in such a manner that Primarc would be considered the real epitome of luxury, surpassing rudimentary offerings.

Our long-standing association with Excellaa gave us a chance to present luxury like no other through their project, Primarc. It was our first time collaborating for brand communications. The new visuals and language are driven by efficiency and astuteness, luxuriously. This partnership maximised the benefits of teamwork and we look forward to more such associations!

Vikas Poddar, Director, Square One


Our core understanding here was that premiumness could not merely be conveyed by shouting about it from the rooftops.

Rather, it is best hinted at using subtle ways and depictions, through communication that captures its very essence, without stating (or overstating) the obvious.

In addition, we aimed to demonstrate value and attract the audience by establishing differentiation.



The idea of luxurious living had to be succinctly conveyed without explicitly addressing it, so, we came up with detailed 3D Visuals and an advertising campaign that spoke of luxury through association.

We chose to highlight their main USPs such as the Golf Terrace, the Climatised Swimming Pool, and the Exclusive Arrival Port accordingly.

It was also taken into consideration that their project, Primarc would be set as the new benchmark for all their subsequent premium projects as luxury is the norm at Primarc.

To create a desired perception, we crafted an experiential journey, starting with modifying the existing project logo to brilliantly detailed 3D Visuals.


The logo depicts a lifestyle fit for royalty. In that, the crown represents kingly living; and a truly regal life experience that is classy, elegant, and unyieldingly extravagant- just the kind of make that justified the lavishness of Primarc.

We collaborated with Square One to launch our project, "Primarc" from our uber luxury brand, The Autograph collection. Square One could articulate with pin point accuracy, what we really wanted to express through such a unique residential real estate offering. Their creative solutions were spot on.

Mitesh Jain & Sanjay Agarwal, Directors, Excellaa


The Execution was successfully carried out via crafting 3Ds, Walkthrough & ATL platforms through mediums such as print, outdoor, on-site branding, and the like.

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