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Formerly known as the Nirman Group, Nirman Greens a construction company in Pune with decades of experience, is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

They have been making their presence felt in realty since 1993 and since then, have developed more than 4 million sq. ft. in the past and are presently in the process of building an additional 6 million sq. ft.

They approached us to promote their new luxury project, Astropolis, and it all started from there... what began as an advertising affair for Astropolis was converted into a total principality for Nirman Greens in the form of Nirman District.

Nirman District is a unique township in the coveted locale of Tathawade; brought to life by realtor Nirman Greens. The District is primarily an all-encompassing force that is home to luxurious residential projects!


The Challenge

Nirman Greens exhibited quite a unique challenge. They possessed two huge land parcels for their upcoming projects, directly in front of each other. The point of contention was to come up with an all-encompassing identity that built a connection between these two projects (Astropolis and Cosmopolis).

Secondly, as the projects were situated in Tathawade, an upcoming suburb in Pune, the developers wanted to take away the suburban character surrounding the entire project and bring forth a completely new identity.


The Insight

Nirman Greens had a prior presence in the PCMC area, and we thought it was best for the developers to create their dominion by being developers of Tathawade.

After a thorough study of the complete area, ground reality, target audience, other competitors, and project USPs, our insight was to create a universal identity for the project, along with its sub-brands, to justify the sheer magnitude of the entire venture and give it an elevated feel.

We identified a unique opportunity with two adjoining plots separated by a road—a potential for a commercial retail plaza. While developers often overlook such prospects, we envisioned a larger than life venture, giving rise to NIRMAN DISTRICT. The name alone made ripples and now has become a colossal brand in the locality. The staggering value of the District led the developer to acquire more land parcels, consolidating all their projects in the vicinity under NIRMAN DISTRICT. This strategic branding not only creates a massive brand value but also saves substantial costs on the advertising of individual projects.

Amar Gulwade, Director, Square One


The Solution

The name 'Nirman District' was forged to dedicate a new mixed-use identity to this venture, which was self-sufficient in a luxurious yet convenient way. The idea of a District was more than just residential; it was about commercial spaces and every type of convenience. The project residences will be sold under the denomination of the District itself to devise a stronger persona and a greater recall value.

And thus, a line was cemented: "Where life comes together," to capture the very essence of the whole venture. In spite of Nirman District being a self-sufficient and convenient unit, the idea of convenience and sufficiency was reinforced through its close proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, industrial areas, and other lifestyle destinations.

A thorough and meditative visualisation went into the design of the Nirman District logo. The make of the logo features a symbiosis of four diamond-shaped figures embedded within a circle. The diamond-shaped figures are representative of the multiple projects constituted in the one land parcel, represented by the circle, perfectly encapsulating what the District is and what it truly stands for!

We actualised that every project that Nirman Greens develops in the vicinity of Tathawade will be branched under Nirman District, producing an enhanced and concentrated effect. The effect of the District was of great and brilliant consequence. It not only contributed to the upcoming development of Tathawade but also enriched the developer's vision for the future as well.


The Execution

The execution involved crafting 3Ds & individual walkthroughs for both the projects and ATL platforms through mediums such as print, outdoor, on-site branding, and the like.


The Projects

Introducing a high-end way of living to Tathawade, Astropolis is a scintilating project featuring 2 and 3 BHK apartments with quality amenities offered in luxurious variants. These homes were designed with a niche market in mind, namely, new-age homebuyers. The overall scale of the project was enormous, and it needed to be presented and promoted in a way that did justice to its magnitude. Along with the initiative, the goal was to draw attention to and build buzz around Nirman Greens' name in realty.

An unmatched understanding of Real Estate is what I was looking for, and I got so much more than that at Square One! Their holistic approach and keen attention to each detail made Nirman District what it is today. Be it any project under the District, it will reflect the dashing personality that their team created for us! I wish them success and hope to collaborate with them in the future!

Bhushan Agarwal, Director, Nirman Greens

Situated right in front of Astropolis, Cosmopolis is an outstanding residential project of 2, 3 & 4 BHK lavish apartments. Cosmopolis was conceived as a sequel to Astropolis. It was a notch-above Astropolis in terms of landcsaping, features, amenities and bespoke offerings.

To finish off in style, Nirman Drive was formulated. Nirman Drive is the proposed road between the projects Astropolis and Cosmopolis, connecting the Mumbai-Pune Highway and the Aundh-Ravet BRTS Road. The name Nirman Drive was an ode to driving itself and the commercial spaces situated below the two residential projects that drive prosperity. We chose to strongly market the Drive along with the District through the footfall of the two projects.


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