Ranawat Group is a prominent real estate player in Pune that has been into crafting prominent residential and commercial spaces all across the city since 1985.

They came to us as they wanted to define (and develop) their brand personality and brand essence, whilst also connecting better with their respective target audiences through truly powerful and impactful brand communications.

The Challenge

The key challenges were to identify the very DNA of Ranawat Group, define what it truly stood for, and break the clutter (with respect to their brand's communications).

They also wanted us to address the fact that awareness regarding their brand wasn't as widespread as they had hoped it to be.

Together. That was the key word that drove the entire creative process around Ranawat Group. We created an identity that draws from their humanitarian and people-oriented approach and led them into a bold new chapter.

- Aly Saj, Creative Director, Square One

The Insight

What set Ranawat Group truly apart was the fact that they never stopped evolving, expanding and growing.

This was something that was not only truly unique to their organizational philosophy, but also something that was in their company's very DNA no less.

We defined their purpose; a route to follow to incorporate their operational philosophy of 'constantly bettering themselves' in terms of experience, ethics, quality service and product in regard to every project that they undertake.

The Solution

Ranawat Group was previously known for contracting for realty projects and redevelopment ventures.

We transformed their identity as distinctive developers and marked their presence as a growing brand in the Real Estate sector.

To give the brand a truly powerful brand identity of its own (whilst also helping empower greater brand recall); we decided to convert our brand insight into a truly strong branding statement of its own - meant to leave a lasting impact upon all of their internal audiences (as well as all other stakeholders, respectively). The brand tagline that we thus came up with was: "Be More. Do More."

The de-cluttering process started with the logo itself. The logo was broken down and simplified to bring forth a cleaner and bolder hallmark. The transformation in the logo also exhibited a more modern and contemporary design.

To portray Ranawat Group's head-on approach and their action-oriented undertakings, we came up with a brand video depicting sports and adventure to perfectly encapsulate the above-mentioned sentiments.

Their action-packed procedure was incorporated through the symbolism of a triangle. The science behind using a triangle was to represent unity, action, equilibrium, and forward movement. The chosen colour for the triangle was yellow to convey high energy and cheer.

By executing the 8-step strategy, we arrived at the brand positioning. It included thorough on-ground research via in-depth discourses with all the directors, stakeholders, customers, and vendors to gain insight and understand the gap in communication.

In addition, we wanted to shift the spotlight from the directors to the company itself. We brought to life the perception that every member of the Ranawat Group was as reliable and high-principled as the directors. Their natural tendency to speak one language of togetherness and unity was also highlighted.

With a timely and strategic communication plan, coupled with a new-found anthem, the brand was set to grow and appear among the top developers in the city. And thus was born a legacy brand unlike any other within the world of real estate that would cement relationships forever.

Bringing our core values to the forefront was exactly what we needed when we approached Square One. They not only created a solid brand identity for us but also gave a facelift to our perception in the Real Estate market!

- Vishal Jain, Managing Director, Ranawat Group


The campaign was executed digitally and in print.

Visualising More.


The website design matched the brand aesthetic from the use of cool colours to alluring visuals!

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