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Location : Pune

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Unique Spaces is a 10+ year young real estate brand that has delivered well over 1.6 million sq. ft. of spaces all across the city. With 10+ landmark projects under their belt already, they were looking to become a household brand name everywhere.

As a company, Unique Spaces was all about doing things differently, and better. Where everyone else (within the domain of real estate) was content with doing a "satisfactory" job and providing "acceptable" levels of amenities and specifications, Unique Spaces was all about delivering the very best to their customers. Making compromises was a strict no-no to them, and quality (of product, service and delivery) meant everything to them.


Our challenge here was to give brand Unique Spaces a powerful new identity, and then, take it to the very next level no less. Also, we needed to make the brand stand out from the rest, whilst also disassociating its identity from its parent brand.

Above all, we wanted to effectively communicate the fact that Unique Spaces was all about delivering products and services that were more than a notch-above in every single way imaginable. For they wanted to become an aspirational real estate brand that was there to craft and deliver top-of-the-line products; for discerning customers who only wanted the very best, and absolutely nothing less.

This was something that we not only wanted to convey and communicate to the world out there, but also internally within the company no less.

We wanted to create a brand communication that would inspire Unique Spaces' internal stakeholders as much as its external ones, in a way that became the very foundation of the company's culture and philosophy, for life.

Unique Spaces Case Study Unique Spaces Case Study Unique Spaces Case Study Unique Spaces Case Study


The best way to build a brand, is to understand their very DNA. To know their strengths and their opportunities, and to play them all up in any brand communications and collaterals that follow.

Being a brand synonymous with outstanding quality offerings was this very strength, and opportunity as well.

Unique Spaces Case Study Unique Spaces Case Study


Through an exhaustive 8-step research process that involved speaking to customers, stakeholders, employees, sales personnel and others; we attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of the brand's previous tagline, namely, "Enriching Lifestyles". Post this, we gave them a new branding tagline, namely, "Built To Differ." The tagline came from our brand being driven primarily by the values of integrity, exclusivity, and never-ending innovation; and accordingly, our branding campaign executions followed.

Unique Spaces Case Study


The campaign was executed via Digital and Internal Communications.

Unique Spaces Case Study

A Truly Unique Website

We crafted this website for Unique Spaces to spotlight their 'Built To Differ' tagline. The website provides a clear insight into the brand philosophy of Unique Spaces, and depicts it visually to convey the brand's attributes in true perfection.

Visit the Website

Unique Spaces Case Study Unique Spaces Case Study